Tajikistan’s Shahrinav District Reports Increase in Agricultural Production


The volume of agricultural production in Tajikistan’s Shahrinav district reached 163.793 million somoni ($14.9 million) from January through June 2023, which is 23.422 million somoni ($2.1 million) more than in the same period of 2022, Trend reports.

In the first six months of the current year, the farmers of the region produced 7,791 tons of grains, 4,760 tons of potatoes, 2,899 tons of various fruits, 21,538 tons of vegetables, and 2,054 tons of animal feed.

According to Ruziboy Mukimov, the head of the district’s agriculture department, farmers of the Shahrinav planted with autumn crops 3,474 hectares and with early onions 195 hectares of land. In the spring, the farmers planted grains, potatoes, flax, saffron, peas, and various vegetables on an area of 4,154 hectares.

Meanwhile, 31.1 tons of cherries, 34.2 tons of peaches, and 267.4 tons of plums were exported from the region from January through June 2023. In particular, agricultural producers in Shahrinav district sent 1,237 tons of cherries, 1,694 tons of strawberries, 97.3 tons of plums, 3,975 tons of potatoes, 3,700 tons of onions, and 1,971 tons of cucumbers to the domestic markets of the country.

Source: Trend News Agency