Tajikistan Discloses Funds Allocated for Road Maintenance in Jaloliddin Balkhi District


The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan has allocated funds totaling 134,020 somoni ($12,265) for road maintenance and repair in the Jaloliddin Balkhi district of the Khatlon region in the first half of 2023, Trend reports.

A major portion of the allocated funds, amounting to 56,283 somoni ($5,151), was dedicated to the repair of bridges and pipes; three water supply lines were renovated using the same funds.

Additionally, road maintenance work, costing 29,747 somoni ($2,722), involved the resurfacing of 700 square meters of road markings and the installation of 31 road signs.

The head of the state institution responsible for maintaining the district’s road network, Mahmadsarif Salimzoda, said that approximately 38.5 kilometers of districtwide roads have been repaired.

Furthermore, both entrepreneurs and residents of the region have actively participated in road and bridge repairs and reconstructions, collectively investing 914,040 somoni ($83,653). As a result of their contributions, 0.6 kilometers of roads have been asphalted, and four bridges have been repaired and reconstructed.

The Jaloliddin Balkhi district’s road network consists of 250.7 kilometers of public roads. This includes 34 kilometers of international roads, 42.3 kilometers of national roads, and 174.4 kilometers of local roads.

Source: Trend News Agency