Number of Tourists From Tajikistan Visiting Uzbekistan Soars


The largest number of tourists visiting Uzbekistan from January through July 2023 came from Tajikistan, Trend reports.

According to data from the Uzbekistan Statistics Agency, more than 1.151 million tourists from Tajikistan visited the country during the reporting period. The figure surged 82 percent compared to January–July 2022 (when the number was over 630,000 tourists).

Kyrgyzstan ranked second in terms of tourist arrivals in Uzbekistan (912,800 people). The third-largest number of tourists came from Kazakhstan (879,000 people).

Throughout this period, Uzbekistan was also visited by tourists from Russia (417,400 people), Türkiye (58,000 people), Turkmenistan (39,600 people), South Korea (20,200 people), India (20,000 people), China (17,700 people), and Germany (14,100 people).

In total, 3.7 million foreign citizens visited Uzbekistan for tourism purposes from January through July 2023. This figure increased by 1.5 times compared to the same period in 2022.

Source: Trend News Agency