Discovering Kazakhstan: Kazakh Embassy Hosts Open House in Washington


Kazakh Embassy in Washington D.C. hosted an open house on May 6 as part of the Annual Passport DC event welcoming visitors for cultural performances and traditional food and drinks, according to the embassy’s Twitter account. 

More than 500 people visited the embassy during the first two hours, showing much interest in Kazakh history, culture and customs. 

The public enjoyed national dances and songs, listened to performances of musical compositions on the dombra (a national musical instrument) and tasted national dishes. The embassy demonstrated the betashar ritual, a ceremony of unveiling the bride’s face before the wedding.  

The embassy also organized a fashion show of national dresses, displaying the entire palette of Kazakh costumes. 

Photo credit: Kazakh Embassy’s Facebook page.

The guests visited pavilions with a yurt, a traditional Kazakh portable tent, Kazakh national jewelry, dishes and literature, where the Kazakh diplomats explained their history, meaning and content.

Passport DC is a month-long worldwide journey highlighting Washington’s thriving international diplomatic community and lively and varied culture. The event encourages people to learn about other cultures and traditions through national food, fashion, art and music.

More than 60 international embassies in Washington hosted open houses this year. 

Source: Astana Times