China Road Undertakes to Build Road Infrastructure in GBAO


The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan has agreed with the Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation on the construction of roads and bridges on the territory of GBAO, the press service of the country’s transport department reports.

The agreement was signed the day before, on March 27, in Dushanbe as part of the fourth stage of the project “Improvement of Regional Communications in Central Asia (BRAMOM-4)”.

The Chinese company undertook to build a bridge in Khorog across the Gund River, 200 meters long, as well as adjacent roads, 1.1 km long.

In addition, the agreement provides for the construction of a 3.4 km road through the territory of the village of Barsem in the Shugnan region, the construction of avalanche galleries (550 meters) and a bridge (82.3 meters) on the Khorog-Murgab section of the road.

The Ministry of Transport reports that the total budget of the project is $31.2 million, and the implementation period is 30 months from the date of commencement of construction work.

Supervision of the implementation of the above works is entrusted to the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, the Project Implementation Unit under the Ministry and the joint consulting company “ISAN Corporation + LLP M50 Consulting Group LLP”.

Source: asiaplustj