A Modern Specialized Shopping Center Kolin.tj Opened in Dushanbe


On March 6, a specialized shopping center called Kolin.tj was opened at the Korvon market in Dushanbe. In terms of area, it is the largest and most modern shopping center where you can buy carpet products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Also, specialized centers Kolin.tj operate in the north of Tajikistan – in Istaravshan and Bobojon Gafurov district of the Sughd region.

Kolin.tj is the first online carpet store that has a network of stores and outlets in the country. Most of the assortment of carpet products in the Kolin.tj store is the products of the Kairakkum Carpets plant.

Kolin.tj is the first online carpet store, which also has a network of stores and outlets in the country. 

Opened on the eve of Mother’s Day, the Kolin.tj shopping center in the largest market in Tajikistan today has no analogues in the republic.

The shopping center has a separate room for customers, where they can wait for the packaging of the selected product over a cup of tea, discuss delivery issues and other important purchase issues with managers.

In addition, for the convenience of customers, the Kolin.tj shopping center has a special room for children, where you can leave them under supervision and enjoy the choice of a future purchase.

Representative of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies Abdurauf Pulotov, First Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nasim Anvarov, Head of Korvon Market Administration Alisher Samadov, Director of Kairakkuma Carpets Abdumutalib Abdulloev and others took part in the opening ceremony of the specialized shopping center – Kolin.tj guests

In honor of the opening of the new center, manufacturers have released new collections of carpets.

In addition, customers are presented with a wide range of carpets to choose from, for example, from such well-known collections as “Caravan”, “Shirvanshah”, “Motherland”, “Azata”, “Gulzar”, “Simin”, “Guliston”, “Sogdiana Gold”, “Cochon”.

Those who wish can purchase here not only locally produced carpets, but also from the latest collections of carpet companies from Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The prices at which you can buy a carpet here are much lower than those offered to customers in other outlets.

The cost of products starts from 25 somoni per square meter. In addition to carpets for the home, you can order and purchase gift carpet portraits in the shopping center.

The Kolin.tj online store was opened in 2020, and today five specialized shopping centers have been opened in the republic in the republic.

Over 157,000 square meters of carpets have been sold over the entire period of operation of the Kolin.tj online service. More than 100 thousand satisfied customers used the services of the online store.

Buyers can also order carpets online at  Kolin.tj,  and pay for the purchase using applications from Eskhata Bank and Dushanbe City.

On the  Kolin.tj website  , you can also order a carpet with an individual design, which will be developed by the designers of the Kairakkuma Carpets company according to the wishes of the customer.

“For this, we have talented designers who, after a preliminary agreement with the  Kolin.tj online store , will develop a design according to your desire and, based on it, produce an exclusive carpet for you. The development of a carpet design and its delivery to your home is completely free,” they noted. at the opening of the mall.

“Kairakkuma Carpets” company, using the latest technology, produces a wide range of carpets with a variety of styles in quality that meets international standards and using only high quality materials.

Source: asiaplustj