As Soon as it Starts to “Burn Out”, They Immediately Run to Us – Russian Propagandist About Kazakhstan


Russian propagandist and political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that Kazakhstan is considering all possible options and is in no hurry to break off relations with both Western countries and Russia, reports with reference to “Interesting Russia” .

According to Satanovsky, “it will not work to remain silent for a long time, “for the whites” or “for the reds” – you will have to choose. 

He stated that today Kazakhstan “from a partner and a good neighbor is gradually turning into a hostile one for Russia.” 

At the same time, he believes that the Ukrainian scenario is unlikely to be repeated in Kazakhstan, but this is “no reason for calm.” 

President Tokaev is now proving with might and main to the Americans and the British that, although he does not break off relations with Putin, he is good and will follow their instructions. Therefore, he will not allow sanctions to be bypassed through Kazakhstan here, either there or here,” says Satanovsky.

Satanovsky compared Kazakhstan to Belarus, which two years ago was also aloof from Russia. As soon as internal problems were resolved, Lukashenko stopped hesitating and completely went over to the side of the Russian Federation.

Such a development of events may also occur in Kazakhstan. As soon as it starts to “burn out”, they instantly see clearly, run to Russia, and stop looking around at Europe, he noted.

The political scientist is sure that “Kazakhs looking at Europe with hope” will be left with nothing as soon as the European scenario fails.

Source: Arbat Media