Another Tajik Citizen Who Died in Ukraine Was Buried in Tajikistan


Another Tajik citizen died in the war in Ukraine, who came to the front from a Russian prison, Radio Ozodi reports.

It is reported that 48-year-old Islom Saidmurodov was buried on March 23 in his small homeland – the village of Tutkavul of the Puli Sangin rural jamoat of the city of Nurek.

Islom Saidmurodov was arrested in 2005 on charges of drug trafficking and served his sentence in a Russian prison.

Kurbonali Saidmurodov, the brother of the deceased, told Ozodi that his relatives did not know about sending Islom to the war in Ukraine.

“The last time he got in touch was in November 2022, he didn’t say where he is,” he added.

Where, when and under what circumstances the Tajik man was killed is not reported.

The deceased Islom Saidmurodov left three children.

There is no exact information about the citizens of Tajikistan who served time in Russia and were killed in the war in Ukraine.

Source: asiaplustj