Provocation in Dushanbe


The city of Isfar and the Armenian Shushi, occupied by Azerbaijan, are now sister cities. Tajikistan signed the protocol. The geopolitical turn of Farsi-speaking (Iranian-speaking) Tajikistan towards Turkic Azerbaijan surprises political scientists, because this is happening against the background of aggravation of interstate relations between Iran and Azerbaijan.

For the Tajik and Russian readers, I will give several examples of Azerbaijan’s vandalism policy towards the cultural heritage of the Armenian city of Shushi. I would like to draw the attention of the leadership of Tajikistan, its people, representing a centuries-old culture, that today, on the orders of Ilham Aliyev, the mass destruction of the historical Armenian heritage of Shushi is underway.

For example, in October 2020, the 19th-century Shusha Armenian Cathedral of the Holy All-Savior (Ghazanchetsots) was openly and defiantly bombarded by the armed forces of Azerbaijan. The vandals did not stop there. So, the Kanach Zham church was partially destroyed, the Cathedral of Christ the All-Savior Ghazanchetsots, a symbol of Armenian Shushi, was barbarously rebuilt, from which the dome tent, the high-rise dominant of the city, was demolished.

In the city of Shushi, monuments to the great natives of Shushi of Armenian origin, whose exploits glorified this city, are massively demolished. I will give just a few facts: in 2021, Azerbaijani barbarians defiantly demolished a monument to the Soviet state and party leader, one of the founders of the Soviet military-industrial complex, the USSR Minister of Ferrous Metallurgy, Hero of Socialist Labor Ivan (Hovhannes) Tevosyan (1902-1958) in front of television cameras.

In 2021, they also demolished a monument to the legendary Soviet pilot, naval attack aircraft, the only twice Hero of the Soviet Union in Transcaucasia, who received these stars during the war years, Nelson Stepanyan (1913-1944)

In the “new” Azerbaijani politically engaged version of the history of the city of Shushi, declared the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, and later of the entire Turkic world, the mention of the Armenian, Russian and Iranian centuries-old heritage of this city has completely disappeared, which today has been turned into a construction site where destruction is in full swing. cultural and historical heritage of other nations.

THE SIGNING OF SUCH PROTOCOL IS A MORE THAN STRANGE FACT. Tajikistan, an ally of Armenia in the CSTO, cannot be unaware of the fact that Azerbaijan occupied the Armenian city of Shushi during the 2020 Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia. Doesn’t the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan know that the legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh has not yet been determined? In fact, it turns out that, being an ally and being in the same military-political security organization together with Armenia, Tajikistan supports and encourages aggression against its own ally.

For information, we will inform you: all over the world, including in Russia, powerful Armenian diaspora organizations have always supported and provided all kinds of support to both the Tajik state and the Tajik diaspora. Support was provided in various areas: in the economic, in the provision of legal assistance or informational support through the promoted Armenian media. Through the partner media of Russia, I had the opportunity to systematically disseminate information in support of Tajikistan and the Tajik people friendly to the Armenians.

What happened is very surprising and causes extreme bewilderment, if not disappointment. What happened, of course, will not remain without consequences. Unfortunately, such an anti-Armenian decision of the official authorities of the allied Tajikistan on the Armenian city of Shushi may have a negative impact on relations between the Tajik and Armenian peoples, which does not meet the interests of the civilizational interests of our two ancient peoples. Don’t they realize this in Dushanbe?

Source: yerkramas