‘We Feel an Increase in the Activity of Various Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan,’ Says Tajik Leader


Speaking at the fifth Central Asian in Dushanbe, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon noted yesterday that over the past five years, the states of the region have presented to the world community dozens of initiatives aimed at strengthening peace and ensuring sustainable development.

“All this testifies to the irreversibility of the process of transforming Central Asia in the foreseeable future into a stable, economically developed and very prosperous region,” Tajik leader noted.  

During his speech, Tajik leader drew the attention of the heads of state of Central Asia to issues of cooperation for the further expansion of trade and economic relations, the development of individual cooperation programs in the fields of agriculture, industry and the introduction of new technologies, the implementation of large transport and infrastructure projects, the effective use hydropower resources, development of cooperation in cultural and humanitarian spheres, creation of the Association of Media of the States of Central Asia and other pressing issues to ensure security in the information space of Central Asia.

Touching upon the Afghanistan problems, Tajik leader said, “Tajikistan aims to provide favorable socio-economic conditions to ensure stabilization of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and creates conditions for the delivery of humanitarian cargo to this country.”  

“At the same time, we feel an increase in the activity of various terrorist groups in the territory of Afghanistan.  In recent years, we have encountered attempts by various terrorist groups to break through and illegally cross the state border.  Not long ago we prevented two attempts by militants to break through the border.  They aimed to commit a series of terrorist attacks in the capital and other regions of Tajikistan,” Rahmon said.  

He also noted that the volume of drug smuggling is also increasing.  

“Figures confirm this trend.  Last year, our competent authorities seized about 5 tons of narcotic drugs along the border with Afghanistan, which is 22 percent more than in 2021.” Tajik president said.  

Rahmon emphasized that in these conditions the countries of the region must work together and unitedly, according to the Tajik president’s official website.

“We must always remember that the security factor is the most important condition for the successful implementation of our creative plans and actions,” Rahmon added.   .

Source: Asia Plus