USAID Launches Project for Market Development of Rural Areas in Tajikistan


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the launch of a new five-year project called Rural Market Development (MDRD) worth $19 million, according to the   US Embassy in Dushanbe.

It is noted that the project will cover the entire country and aims to accelerate growth in the agricultural sector by providing comprehensive access to economic opportunities in rural communities.

The MDRD project will support improving the competitiveness and resilience of Tajikistan’s agricultural sector by linking farmers and agribusinesses and encouraging close and beneficial collaboration along the entire value chain.

The project will strengthen the value chains for stone fruits, vegetables, specialty crops and dairy products by building the capacity of their participants and attracting investment in them.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, US Ambassador to Tajikistan Manuel Micaller noted that the project is in line with the objectives of the Tajik government’s new Agro-Food Systems Sustainable Development Program and will help transform Tajikistan’s economic base from agrarian to agro-industrial.

The MDRD project is committed to the sustainable improvement of the economic well-being of farmers, youth and women participating in the agricultural market of Tajikistan, and will also take into account environmental aspects in its activities.

Sylvia J. Megret, President and CEO of ACDI/VOCA, said, “Together, we are bringing together diverse stakeholders in a collaborative development effort, sharing technical resources and local presence to achieve the goals of our partners and donors. Our new project in Tajikistan promotes market-based solutions at the local level to deliver long-term results for economic prosperity and social inclusion.”

Source: Asia Plus