Transportation, Energy Lead in ADB’s Current Portfolio for Tajikistan (Exclusive)


The most significant projects in Tajikistan’s current Asian Development Bank (ADB) portfolio are found in the country’s transportation and energy sectors as of June 30th, as measured by the amount of investments made in each, a source at the ADB told Trend.

It was specified that the transportation sector has three projects worth a total of $312.7 million. These projects focus on the reconstruction of roads in the southern Khatlon region as well as the construction of the regional Obigarm-Nurobod road.

There are four projects in the energy industry totaling $310 million in funding. These initiatives are meant to strengthen the energy sector’s ability to maintain itself financially.

In addition, there are two projects for water and other urban infrastructure and services worth $89.2 million and three projects for agricultural and natural resources for $124.5 million.

In addition, two programs totaling $57 million each focus on healthcare, one on education ($31.5 million), and a program in finance ($50 million).

These initiatives help achieve a number of objectives, such as lessening the effects of climate change and natural disasters on the populace and improving the labor skills of young people, women, and labor migrants in Tajikistan.

Additionally, they contribute to the growth of Dushanbe’s tourism industry, hospital system, Yovon irrigation and drainage system, and water supply and sanitation.

The 68 member nations of the Asian Development Bank jointly own it. It was established in 1966. Tajikistan has counted on ADB as its main development partner ever since it joined the organization in 1998.

Source: Trend News Agency