The Prosecutor General of Tajikistan Confirmed the Director’s Detention of the “Ibn Sino” Clinic for Inciting Hostility


The director of the Dushanbe clinic “Ibn Sino” Abdukhalil Kholikzoda was indeed detained in accordance with article 189, part 2 (Incitement of social, racial, national, regional, religious (confessional) enmity or discord) of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan.

This was stated by the country’s Prosecutor General Yusuf Rahmon at today’s press conference.

The Prosecutor General stressed that he personally issued an order to detain Kholikzoda.

This article provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of five to ten years with or without deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to five years.

Rahmon said that the detention is connected with the statements of Kholikzoda in his book.

“In the past, before independence, he didn’t have a penny in his pocket, and after 1992 he became the owner of millions of dollars and somoni. It was during the period of independence and thanks to the policy of the President of the country to support business. However, instead of being grateful for such a policy and conditions, he sharply criticized it, insulted Tajik people, insulted representatives of different regions of the country, incited hatred. He outlined all this in his book,” Rahmon said.

Earlier it was reported that Abdukhalil Kholikzoda was detained right in the clinic. Searches were also carried out both in the office and in the house of Kholikzoda. Books of the detainee were withdrawn from sale.

Source: Asia-Plus