The Ministry of Energy of Tajikistan Named the Reasons for the Reduction of Local Oil Production


Oil production in Tajikistan in the first half of this year amounted to 9.1 thousand tons, which is almost 3.4 thousand tons less than in the same period of 2022, according to the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of the country.

The ministry notes a decrease in oil production from the companies “Petroleum Sogd” (by 2.6 thousand tons), “Naftu Gas” (130 tons), “Hassan and K” (80 tons) and “Setos” (65 tons).

The reasons for the reduction of oil production in the Ministry of Energy include “reduction of reservoir pressure” (low pressure leads to insufficient release of oil from the well, – author’s note). The reduction is also explained by “a power outage in winter” and “improper adjustment of work on the restoration of wells by the company “Petroleum Sogd”.”

According to the statistical agency, in the first six months of this year, the country’s refineries produced 675 tons of gasoline, 676 tons of diesel fuel, 1.7 thousand tons of fuel oil, 1.6 thousand bitumen.

According to the data of the antimonopoly department, about 442 thousand tons of petroleum products were imported to the republic during this period.

Petroleum products were mainly imported from Russia, which accounts for 85.4% of the total volume. Kazakhstan (5.1%), Turkmenistan (4.4%), Uzbekistan (2.6%), Belarus (1.4%) and other countries (1.1%).

According to official preliminary data, there are large hydrocarbon reserves in the subsurface of Tajikistan: over 1 billion tons of oil and 6-7 trillion cubic meters of gas, the specific density of which is higher than in neighboring countries.

During the Soviet Union, 23 hydrocarbon deposits were discovered in Tajikistan, the annual volume of oil production was up to 400 thousand tons.

Source: Asia Plus