Tajikistan’s Khatlon Region Registers Growth of Industrial Production


Industrial production in Tajikistan’s Khatlon region reached a total value of 4.788 billion somoni ($442.3 million) from January through June 2023, which is an increase of 473.9 million somoni ($43.7 million) compared to the same period of 2022, Trendreports.

Of the total, 4.1 billion somoni ($378.7 million), which is 87.3 percent, goes to industrial enterprises, and 610.3 million somoni ($56.3 million), which is 12.7 percent, goes to the private sector.

In terms of the overall volume of industrial production in the region, the industrial sector accounts for 55 percent, while electricity production and services make up 44.5 percent.

During the first half of 2023, 83 industrial workshops were put into operation in the region, collectively producing goods worth 31.7 million somoni ($2.9 million). As a result, the total number of industrial enterprises in the Khatlon region has reached 792, which 118 enterprises more than in the same months of the previous year.

At the moment, 209 different types of industrial products are manufactured in the region.

Meanwhile, the industrial enterprises of Tajikistan produced goods worth $16.656 billion somoni ($1.5 billion) from January through May 2023.

Source: Trend News Agency