Tajikistan’s Gas and Oil Reserves Exceed Previous Estimations


Tajikistan’s gas reserves exceed 900 billion cubic meters, and its oil reserves surpass 150 million tons, Trendreports.

This information was disclosed by Sharifa Khudobakhsh the Deputy Minister of Energy of Tajikistan, at the international conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan.”

Khudobakhsh mentioned that the assessments of 900 billion cubic meters of gas and 150 million tons of oil were made during the Soviet era but expressed expectations that the actual reserves are much larger, particularly in the subsalt zone of the Tajik Basin.

She pointed out that although Tajikistan’s oil and gas industry is currently underdeveloped, the government is actively engaging with leading oil and gas companies to explore and discover these valuable resources.

Head of the Main Department of Geology under the Government of Tajikistan, Ilkhomjon Oymukhammadzoda, said in July of the current year that only two companies, the Chinese CNPC and Somon-Oil local company, currently hold licenses for geological work related to hydrocarbon exploration in Tajikistan.

According to him, the future goal is to conduct more comprehensive research to identify significant deposits and commence drilling activities.

He noted that consequently, more detailed geophysical work is necessary to accurately determine drilling locations. As of today, Tajikistan has 24 oil fields and 14 gas fields registered in the country.

Source: Trend News Agency