Tajikistan Will Become the Center of Opera and Ballet Art of the CIS Countries


The Coordinating Council of Opera and Ballet Theaters of the CIS countries will be established under the chairmanship of the S. Aini Opera and Ballet Theater in Dushanbe. This initiative was made by the director of the theater Kamoliddin Saifiddinzoda. This is reported on the official Facebook page of the theater.

The director of the Opera and Ballet Theater made this proposal at the forum of the International Festival-Symposium in St. Petersburg. Artists, singers and diplomats from all CIS countries also gathered there. The event included master classes, trainings, excursions, a gala concert and a large-scale forum.

In his report, Kamoliddin Saifiddinzoda noted the dynamic expansion of theatrical ties, the contribution of Emomali Rahmon to the development of intercultural dialogue in the CIS space and the opportunities that this opens up to increase creative and human potential.

The creation of the Coordinating Council of Opera and Ballet Theaters of the CIS countries was a project proposal from the Tajik Opera and Ballet Theater.

“The exchange of experience, the prompt solution of problems, the creation of a unified electronic database of works by contemporary musical authors – this would increase the effectiveness of our relations, contribute to the opportunity to be aware of the events in the cultural life of our neighbors,” said Saifiddinzoda.

It is reported that colleagues supported his initiative and “have already started its practical and legal implementation.”

According to the official wording, the Coordinating Council will become “a collegial body where the Tajik Theater, as the initiator of its creation, is granted the right to exercise leadership from now until 2025.”

On August 23, the first meeting of directors of the CIS opera houses was held, where prospects and plans for further cooperation were discussed, including a general meeting in Dushanbe.

Meanwhile, the preparation of the relevant documentation will last until mid-autumn.

With the arrival of a new director, the metropolitan Opera and Ballet Theater has undergone many positive changes. For example, in June of this year, the first premiere of the legendary opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet in the original French language took place. Italian conductor Gerardo Colella was invited especially for this purpose.

For the first time since the independence of the republic, a harp class was opened this winter, where students had the opportunity to master a unique musical instrument.

In addition, the Tajik capital has been honored by world opera stars more than once with their arrival. For example, last June a gala concert was held with the participation of Italian stars: Valeria Mela, Noemi Umani, Giorgio Cacharri, Delfo Menicucci.

And 2 years ago, the residents of Dushanbe were able to see the production of “The Golden Heart of the East” based on the fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights”.

And this is not all the achievements of the theater in recent years.

Source: Asia Plus