Tajikistan May Host World Hydropower Congress in 2025


There is a possibility of hosting the World Hydropower Congress in Tajikistan in 2025, given the country’s substantial hydropower potential, Malcolm Turnbull, former Prime Minister of Australia and current President of the International Hydropower Association (IHA), said, Trend reports.

He made this announcement during a meeting with Daler Juma, Tajikistan’s Minister of Energy, on the sidelines of the World Hydropower Congress in Indonesia.

Minister Juma expressed his appreciation for the Golden Certificate awarded to the “Sebzor” Hydropower Plant (HPP), highlighting its adherence to international quality standards and environmental regulations.

Moreover, during the congress, Tajikistan’s Minister engaged in discussions with Arifin Tasrif, Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, focusing on bilateral cooperation in the energy sector. Their talks centered on the exchange of experiences in the energy sector and hydropower plant construction.

In addition, Juma met with Bruce Douglas, the Executive Director of the Global Renewable Alliance, to explore opportunities for the development of renewable energy sources, including the establishment of solar and wind power stations.

The 2023 World Hydropower Congress, with its main focus this year being on ensuring sustainable economic development in developing countries, attracted about 1,500 participants from various countries worldwide and international financial institutions.

Source: Trend News Agency