Tajikistan Faces Shortage of Gas and Fuel – Report


Tajikistan is experiencing a shortage of fuel at gas stations as prices for liquefied gas and gasoline continue to rise, Asia Plus reports.

Prices for liquefied gas at some gas stations have reached 8 somoni ($0.7), and at others from 7.20 to 7.80 somoni ($0.6-$0.7). A limit has been introduced.

Gas stations sell out all the fuel intended for the day within two-three hours and close until the next day.

Drivers complain that they are forced to wander from one gas station to another in search of the necessary type of fuel.

Gas station employees refer to the fact that the wholesale price of liquefied gas and gasoline is increasing, and they do not know what the price will be tomorrow.

Private cab drivers first reacted to the rise in prices. Today, taxis for 7 somoni began to charge 10 somoni per trip ($0.9).

More than 174,000 tons of gasoline of various brands worth about $100 million were imported into the republic from 30 suppliers in the first half of 2023. 59% falls on the share of the Gazpromneft-Tajikistan company.

It is noted that Tajikistan’s petroleum products mainly come from Russia (85.4%), as well as from Kazakhstan (5.1%), Turkmenistan (4.4%), Uzbekistan (2.6%), other countries (2.5%).

Liquefied gas is mainly imported from Kazakhstan (73.5%) and Russia (about 24.7%).

Source: AKIpress