Tajikistan Advocates for Renovation of Industrial Sector


Tajikistan is keen on implementing projects that introduce innovations and new technologies in the industrial sector, Trend reports.

The Prime Minister of Tajikistan, Kokhir Rasulzoda, emphasized this during a meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of CIS countries in Bishkek.

He underscored the importance of expanding mutually beneficial cooperation between economic entities in various industrial sectors.

Rasulzoda expressed a particular interest in shaping and executing joint projects and programs that advance technology and innovation in production facilities. The objective is to introduce eco-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing methods to enhance the competitiveness of products in the CIS region.

Rasulzoda also noted that accelerating industrialization in Tajikistan is a key strategic objective in the medium term, and collaboration in the industrial sector with CIS countries is a vital component of this engagement.

According to him, Tajikistan is a predominantly mountainous region rich in valuable resources. The mining and metallurgical sector is of significant importance, and the government plans to use it as a means to advance the country’s economy and boost its export potential.

He noted that Tajikistan will support the adoption of a comprehensive set of measures to implement the agreement on cooperation among CIS countries in the mining and metallurgical sectors.

Source: Trend News Agency