State Expenditures in Tajikistan to Remain Stable in 2023, WB Says


The World Bank (WB) expects state expenditures in Tajikistan to remain relatively stable in 2023, Trend reports.

Total expenditures are projected to be around 28.2 percent of the GDP, slightly lower than the 29.1 percent recorded in 2022.

The government of the country intends to increase wages and payments by approximately 20-25 percent across all public sectors, including pensions and student stipends. To accommodate the higher wage bill, the government plans to limit its consumption of goods and services.

Additionally, the budget has allocated increased funds to education and healthcare, with a 13 percent and 27 percent rise, respectively.

Social protection spending is also set to increase by 11.6 percent, while the targeted social assistance program will see a significant boost of 33 percent. Regarding the Rogun Hydro Power Plant (HPP), the state expenditure is expected to be limited to $300-$400 million annually.

Source: Trend News Agency