Russia Creates Artificial Barriers for Exporting Tajik Products


Trucks transporting agricultural products from Tajikistan are frequently detained at the Russian border. This results in the spoiling of vegetables and fruits intended for Russian consumers, while Tajik entrepreneurs suffer losses.

According to Bahridin Sirodzhiddinzodato, the head of Tajikistan’s Export Agency, there are challenges with transportation encountered for goods at the Russian border. He’s reminded us that, in the first half of 2023, there were dozens of meetings and forums involving Tajik and Russian business entities, and numerous agreements and contracts were signed, which are not being fulfilled.

The head of the Export Agency in Tajikistan is optimistic that there will be a shared understanding with the Russian side in resolving this issue.

The customs services of Russia and Tajikistan have agreed to implement electronic systems for certifying the origin of goods. 
Special chips will be installed on all of Tajikistan’s freight vehicles, allowing Russian customs officers to monitor the entire process of shipping goods from Tajikistan to Russia. This implemented system will significantly reduce the time required for customs operations.

Source: Fresh Plaza