Operation. Arrest of Dozens of Afghan Citizens in Tajikistan


According to information obtained by Radio Ozodi, the operation has been going on for a week in Shamsiddin Shahin district in a difficult and impenetrable border area.

Representatives of the Tajik government did not make an official statement about this.

Radio Ozodi’s sources in some state offices said on June 8 that “these people had weapons with them”.

“Now the arrested were taken to the city of Dushanbe. Their future fate is unknown,” said one of the sources.

It is not clear when and how they entered the territory of Tajikistan.

In the summer of 2021 and after the Taliban came to power, hundreds of soldiers, pilots and ordinary people of Afghanistan took refuge in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Some of them went to a third country and some were returned to Afghanistan. Others are in different cities and districts of Tajikistan.

Source: Radio Ozodi