From “Russian scum” – a bouquet: “northern barbarians” congratulated the Tajik nationalist


Russian Ambassador to Dushanbe Semyon Grigoriev congratulated the national poet of Tajikistan Gulrukhsor Safieva on his 75th birthday, the Russian Embassy in the republic reports.

The diplomat conveyed to the poetess a message from Mikhail Shvydkoy , Special Representative of the President of Russia for International Cultural Cooperation, which, in particular, reads:

“You are an artistic phenomenon on a global scale. Your creative heritage is one of those many important threads that connect the territory of the former USSR into a single humanitarian space.”

Speaking with the ambassador, Safiyeva spoke about Russian politicians and cultural figures with whom she had the opportunity to meet and be friends at different stages of her life.

According to Sputnik Tajikistan, the hero of the day proposed several projects aimed at strengthening the cultural unity between Tajikistan and Russia, which will be implemented jointly with the Russian Embassy.

The usual official information, a protocol photo, common phrases, congratulations on the occasion. Without livestock.

How different is the bright, rich, spiritualized language of Gulrukhsor Safiyeva herself!

“Murdered by the northern barbarians, my beautiful dark-eyed Motherland wants revenge! It’s time to wash off the Russian scum! Freedom above all!”  she once yelled selflessly at rallies with a taste of fierce nationalism.”

Although the “northern barbarians” did everything to ensure that a native of the village of Yakhch could, after school, enter the philological faculty of the Tajik State University, work in newspapers and become the press department of the Central Committee of the Komsomol of the Tajik SSR.

A communist, member of the Union of Writers, laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize, the State Prize of Tajikistan named after Rudaki, secretary of the board of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan, People’s Deputy of the USSR from the Soviet Cultural Fund – this is all she, the washer of “Russian scale”!

Here is what Elena Semenova writes in her book “On the Ethnic War (Russian Genocide in the Former Soviet Republics)” :

“Representatives of the creative intelligentsia have worked hard to whip up anti-Russian hysteria in all the republics of the former USSR. In Tajikistan, the poetess Gulrushhor Safiyeva especially excelled in this field.

At rallies of the “Islamic-democratic” opposition, the poetess delivered anti-Russian speeches, lamented about “my beautiful dark-eyed Motherland desecrated by the northern barbarians”, called the Great Patriotic War “a Russian meat grinder where the Tajiks were driven”, predicted that “the hour of reckoning has come, and let the blood wash away Russian mud.”

The publication “Free Press” in the issue of September 14, 2019 writes:

“When Safieva, sowing the“ wind of change ”, received a storm and a real civil war broke out, the nationalists began to kill (right on the lists) scientists, writers, public and cultural figures. They came to her to kill. But the Russian military managed to save her from Islamist fanatics and took her from Tajikistan to Russia.”

In Moscow, the aunt received Russian citizenship, was regularly published in the federal media. Here is what she wrote in 2012:

“I am a member of the Writers’ Union of Moscow, an honorary member of the international PEN Center, for 10 years I was the president of the European Academy of Culture in Moscow. I love Russians – I had Russian teachers, people close to me, dear to me, live in Russia. And when you love, you want to be loved too – not offended and not humiliated.

Well, how can you not love such a talented woman, gifted and sensitively feeling the benefits with all sorts of benefits.

As for our wonderful foreign policy department, there have been no questions for it for a long time. And surprise at such outrageous “jambs” – too.

And in order to avoid all sorts of insinuations, we put a link to the article and invite you, dear readers, to type in Yandex: “Gulrukhsor Safiyeva, Russian scum.”

Source Eur Asia Daily