Major Light Industrial Enterprise in Tajikistan to Pick Up on Operations


The “Sughd Textiles” company (formerly known as “Kabol-Tajik-Textiles”), which was the largest enterprise in Tajikistan’s light industry, is set to resume its operations in Khujand city, Trend reports.

This decision was announced during a meeting between Rajabboy Ahmadzoda, the chairman of Sughd Region, and Khoshimyon Gagi, a representative of Tajikistan’s “Ismoili Somoni” holding company.

It is anticipated that the facility will be equipped with German machinery and technology and will provide employment for up to 3,500 individuals. The goal is to enable cotton processing from raw material to the final product.

Furthermore, it was noted that investors have also taken steps to modernize an oil production plant in Kanibadam city in the Sughd region, where modern German equipment will be introduced.

The Tajik-Korean joint venture, “Kabol-Tajik-Textiles,” initially commenced operations in Khujand in 1990, running continuously until 2008. Subsequently, the facility remained idle until 2015. In 2020, after a five-year hiatus, the “Sughd Textiles” spinning factory resumed work, but it later experienced another period of inactivity.

Source: Trend News Agency