JICA Provides Insight Into Tajikistan’s Transport Sector Project


In the transport sector, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) is currently implementing a project for capacity development in bridge management in Tajikistan, a source at the JICA Tajikistan Office told Trend.

The project’s cost is 450 million Japanese yen ($3.94 million). The project aims to make bridge management organizations stronger by sharing technical knowledge and by organizing bridge management and training for personnel in this field.

The project, which falls under the category of technical cooperation, began in March 2021 and is scheduled to continue until October 2024. The responsible organization for the project is the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan, and its target area encompasses the entire country.

The expected outcomes of the project include the improvement of bridge management on both international and republic roads.

In the transport sector of Tajikistan, JICA is also implementing the Capacity Development Project for Implementation of Performance Based Navigation at the moment.

JICA is an independent agency responsible for coordinating Official Development Assistance (ODA) on behalf of the Japanese government. Its mission is to support the economic and social development of developing countries and promote international cooperation.

Over the years, JICA has become one of the world’s largest bilateral development organizations. It operates through a network of 96 overseas offices and carries out projects in approximately 139 countries and regions.

JICA initially established an office in Tajikistan as a branch of JICA Uzbekistan in 2006 but became an independent JICA office in 2017. In 2022, Japan and Tajikistan celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Source: Trend News Agency