Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence agree – Croatia among world’s top 5 beach destinations


Now it seems it is not only the subjective opinion of people, but also Artificial Intelligence (AI) agrees. 

BeachAtlas, a London-based startup that provides information and recommendations for beaches around the world, recently conducted a a fascinating experiment which proved it.

BeachAtlas asked Artificial Intelligence tools ChatGPT+Midjourney to describe and illustrate the top 20 beach destinations in the world and Croatia came out in 5th place. 

This is what AI had to say. 

“Come for the crystal clear Adriatic waters and stay for the homemade Rakija. Soak up the sun, indulge in delicious seafood and make memories that will last a lifetime. Leave your worries behind and let Croatia’s charm work its magic. Trust us, you’ll be hooked on the Mediterranean’s best kept secret. Book your trip now and see for yourself why Croatia is the new hot spot for beach holidays!” 

The illustration below is the result of asking AI to imagine “beach in Croatia”. No particular beach was provided to AI as an input, BeachAtlas said

Beach in Croatia according to AI (Image: BeachAtlas)

Thailand came out on top of the list, followed by Dubai, Costa Rica and South Africa.

You can see the Top 20 HERE

Source : Croatia Week