How Buildings Are Tested for Seismic Resistance in Tajikistan


The earthquake on March 23 again tested our psyche for stability, but what about the stability of our buildings?

We have been trying to clarify this issue for the second month now. After the tragedy in Turkey, Tajikistan began to massively check residential and non-residential buildings. It is known that at first they studied only the documentation, now they are checking the physical condition of the buildings.

On February 22, the Committee for Architecture and Construction of Tajikistan decided to test the seismic resistance of new buildings in Dushanbe, Khujand and Bokhtar. 

The first test (developers’ documentation) for seismic resistance has not yet been completed. The Committee for Architecture and Construction promised “Asia-Plus” to give the first results immediately after the Navruz holiday, but they are not. 

Meanwhile, a technical inspection (together with the Prosecutor General’s Office) of new buildings has now begun in parallel – this time they check the quality (strength) of concrete using a sclerometer, and concrete samples are also tested in laboratories. 

Source: asiaplustj