Farah Khan Treats Sajid Khan And Abdu Rozik To Their Favorite Meal After Big Boss

Indian Express

The choreographer turned director-producer is known to treat her loved ones to good food whenever they are in the city. Her aromatic dum biryani is actually quite popular among her Bollywood friends, and some of them often pack it for later after dining at her residence. However, given her love for the reality show and her brother, she decided to treat him and his best friend from the show to their favourite meal.

Farah Khan is known for her bold and beautiful personality in the movie industry. Her candidness and no-filter approach have won her many fans’ hearts over the past few decades. However, this time around, her spotlight appeared to have been stolen by her brother and director, Sajid Khan, who participated in the reality show Big Boss this year.

Now that he was out of the house and back to normal life, Farah planned a fun get-together and a delicious feast for him and his best friend from the show, Abdu Rozik. The latter is a singer, boxer, and social media celebrity from Tajikistan. The two became really close during the show and reunited at Farah’s residence in Mumbai. Abdu had expressed how much he loves “boorgir,” aka burger, during the show. And so, Farah decided to treat him to loads of burgers and fries.

She posted pictures of the get-together from last night on her Instagram feed, and everything looked lip-smacking. The first picture was that of the trio, the two Khan siblings and Abdu, with a table full of burgers and fries. Next up, we saw other Bollywood celebrities like Ritiesh Deshmukh and several other industry friends having a gala time while digging into Farah’s celebrated food. We could spot kebabs, biryani, dahi bhallas, and much more on the menu.

She captioned the post, “My two favourites this season of #bigboss16, sometimes it’s even better to just win hearts.” When Farah visited her brother on the show, she stated that Abdu is her favourite contestant and that he is now a member of the family.

Source : Slurrp