CES Rescuers on Duty in the City of Dushanbe. Help People and Animals


Over the past 24 hours, rescuers from the Department of the Committee for the city of Dushanbe went to assist in unlocking the iron door and removed the cat from the roof eaves, the press service of the department reports.
The help of rescuers was needed by the owner of the apartment, located on the street Asadullo Gulomov house number 9. The man reported that the door lock of his apartment was jammed and he could not get home. Arriving at the scene, employees of the emergency department, without causing damage to the door, unblocked it.

The main task of rescuers is to save people, but it would be simply inhumane to refuse help to an animal in trouble, the rescuers say.

That is what happened in this case as well. The first signal about the incident was received by the Committee on duty from a resident of the capital at 10:25 on March 27, 2023. A worried resident of a house located in the Khovaron mahalla in the Shokhmansur district of Dushanbe asked for help to remove the cat from the roof eaves.

According to him, the residents of the house tried to help the poor animal, but their attempts did not bring results – the frightened cat was afraid to move and continued to meow plaintively.

From the roof of the house, rescuers of the CES with the help of alpine equipment went down to the ledge and removed the exhausted animal, which was then safely returned to the owner.

Source: avesta