Bakhty-Ayagoz New Railway to Increase Cargo Turnover Between Kazakhstan and China


«A new 270 km long railway Bakhty-Ayagoz will be laid in 2024-2025 to expand transport corridors. The railway scheme is being developed jointly with the Government and Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC,» Abai region Governor Nurlan Urankhayev revealed at today’s briefing.

The authorities have already allotted the land for the railway construction.

The new railway will help increase rail traffic between Kazakhstan and China by up to 20 million tons a year.

Besides, the governor told those present about the safe drinking water provision efforts. 54 projects worth 17 billion tenge will be developed in the region to provide locals with drinking water. 19 water supply network construction projects will be implemented in 2024-2025.

Source: KazInform