ADB Identifies Energy as Key Priority in Tajikistan


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has designated energy as one of its primary focuses in Tajikistan, a source at ADB told Trend.

“Energy has been one of ADB’s priorities in Tajikistan. ADB’s total energy assistance to the country amounts to $585 million. ADB projects have focused on modernization of generation, transmission, and distribution facilities, sector restructuring and reforms, and developing regional energy market,” the source said.

It was noted that to enhance the sector’s financial sustainability, the Tajikistan government is undertaking significant reforms. In 2020, ADB committed a $105 million grant program to expedite these ongoing reforms.

The bank emphasized that Tajikistan has substantial hydropower resources, which are sources of green energy. Over the last two decades, the government of Tajikistan with the support of many development partners has made tremendous progress towards enhancing energy security in the country. However, challenges still remain.

“ADB is a development institution responsive to Tajikistan’s development needs, and we will continue to support the country’s development priorities going forward”, the source at the bank said.

According to the sources, the ADB portfolio in Tajikistan comprised 16 active investment projects totaling $975 million as of June 30, with four of them ($310 million) focused on the energy sector.

Source: Trend News Agency