184 Suicides Reported in Tajikistan in H1 This Year, Says Tajik Official


Over the first six month of this year, 228 suicide and suicide attempts have been reported in Tajikistan, which is 10 cases fewer than in the same period last year, Ms. Hilolbi Qurbonzoda, Chairperson of the Committee for Family and Women’s Affairs (Committee) under the Government of Tajikistan, told reporters in Dushanbe on August 9.  

A totaled reportedly included 184 suicides and 44 suicide attempts.

“Over the reporting period, 119 men (4 cases more compared to the same period last year) and 22 juvenile males (2 cases fewer) have committed suicide as well as 109 women, including 22 juvenile females, have committed suicide committed suicide (6 and 3 cases more, respectively),” Ms. Qurbonzoda noted.  

“As in the previous year, most suicides (84 cases) have committed over the reporting period by residents of Sughd province.  Besides, 22 suicide attempts have been reported in Sughd province over the same six-month period,” she said.  

As far as the cause of the suicide cases is concerned, Ms. Qurbonzoda said that according to data from the Interior Ministry, 53 suicides have been related to psychiatric disease, which is eight cases more than in January-June last year. 

“17 suicide cases have been caused over the first six months of this year by financial stress, which is 6 cases more than in the same period last year.   Meanwhile, the cause of suicide was unknown in 112 cases, which is 18 cases fewer than in January-June last year.  Besides, there were 42 other cases, the reasons for which no further information is provided,” the Committee top manager added.  

Source: Asia-Plus