13 Wrestlers Will Represent Tajikistan at the Asian Judo Open Cup in Almaty


On April 7-9, Almaty will host the Open Asian Judo Cup among teenagers and youth, which will be attended by 274 athletes from 10 countries and 283 athletes from 9 countries among youth.

The Judo Wrestling Federation of Tajikistan sends 7 athletes from among teenagers to Almaty, from among youth – 6 athletes.

The Asian Judo Open Cup is held among teenagers and youth according to the rules of the International Judo Federation in 16 weight categories among teenagers (8 – boys, 8 – girls) and 14 weight categories among youth (7 – boys, 7 – girls). Our athletes compete only among young men.

The Tajik team for participation in the Asian Cup includes: Mehrodjiddin Gadoev in weight up to 50 kg, Loik Kutbiddinov in weight up to 55 kg, Voris Nazarov in weight up to 66 kg, Aminjon Abdujalilzoda in weight up to 73 kg, Ismoil Burkhonov in weight up to 81 kg, Bahovaddin Sulaymonov in weight up to 90 kg and Farahmand Ustopirov in weight up to +90 kg (among teenagers).

Among the youth, our country will be represented by: Saadi Makhmadov in the weight up to 60 kg, Abubakr Sherov in the weight up to 73 kg, Muhammadjon Abdujalilzoda with Sayfiddin Saifiddinzoda in the weight up to 81 kg, Umedjon Rajabov in the weight up to 90 kg and Ibrokhimjon Elmurodov in the weight +100 kg.

Recall that in 2022, Almaty hosted the Asian Open Cup among juniors and youth in high-level judo wrestling, in which young Tajik wrestlers received two medals – one gold and one bronze.

Tajikistan among teenagers was represented by Fotimahon Gadoeva in weight up to 52 kg, Jasur Lutfishoev in weight up to 55 kg, Khudodod Shanbiev in weight up to 60 kg, Ja’fari Ja’far and Muso Sadulloev – both in weight 66 kg.

Unfortunately, the tournament for Tajik young athletes ended in failure – without medals.

In competitions among youth, Tajikistan was represented by 8 people: Saidashraf Loikov, Abukhanifa Kurbonbozor, Abubakr Sherov – all three in weight up to 66 kg, Hojibek Mukhtarov in weight up to 73 kg, Sunatullo Loikov, Mizrobsho Loikov – both in weight up to 81 kg, Muhsin Malaev in weight up to 90 kg and Parviz Abdurakhmanov in weight up to 1000 kg.

Source: asiaplustj